Nuccio's Louisiana Kitchen is a result of our unique New Orleans Sicilian/Creole/Cajun Cusinie.  Our goal is to keep traditional New Orleans Sicilian/Creole Cusinie alive and introduce it to the world. Nuccio's Louisiana Kitchen was created from a suggestion. 

For several years our families made a local Sicilian sandwich which we sold at several events around our town. That sandwich is one of the most famous food items created in New Orleans, the famous MUFFULETTA, pronounced "MUFF-A-LETTA" or the more traditional New Orleans dialect "MOOFF-A-LOTTA."  

Either way you pronounce it, it's one sandwich you will remember for the rest of your life. There is a long standing argument as to who created the MUFFULETTA.  As a child I grew up outside the New Orleans French Quarter eating the " ORIGINAL MUFFULETTA" that is sold at Central Grocery.  I haven't any doubts that this is the "original."  But over the years the sandwich has changed.  C&N Muffuletta's are a throw-back to the original flavors I remember. 

The Muffuletta also lead to other products.  Our Sicilian Olive Salad, which is also a main ingredient in the muffuletta, is also a throw-back to the flavors I remember as a child.  The Olive Salad is a combination of Olives, pickled vegetables, garlic, olive oil, and spices.  Not only is the Olive Salad perfect on sandwiches, it has many other culinary uses.

Here at Nuccio's Louisiana Kitchen we are passionate about our heritage, food and customers.  We refuse to sell any product that we wouldn't serve in our own homes. 

Nuccio's Louisiana Kitchen

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